First Offline HQIS CDA Training Course Completed

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The HQIS CDA program is ChildWise's first program in China to include an offline course, and was developed and taught by Wendy WATSON,PDS instructor, CDA senior trainer, and the Academic Director of ChildWise.


Watson said that according to Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), educators should advocate for the respect of the culture in which the children live. In order to bring CDA training to China, the curriculum must be based on an understanding of Chinese culture.


To develop courses suitable for Chinese CDA training, Watson personally taught Chinese students to collect first-hand information and performed research on topics such as Chinese culture, social status, and family education.


On April 27, 2019, HQIS students completed the first offline course.
Watson awarded the students a time certificate.


Not only does Watson have high standards for the professionalism, rigor and practicality of the content, but she also keeps her classes lively and fun. Watson guides her students to feel and understand the development process of children through various fun games according to the personality of each student. Through this, she helps students understand children's behavior on a deeper level.








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